The Street Art Loft was founded in 2013 by Lori Monaco and Michael Cook.  Lori and Michael were friends and wanted to collaborate on something where their passion for design and creativity would come to life.  They started their adventure by opening a small storefront outside Los Angeles where they could take on all types of creative projects, produce avant garde art shows, and inspire a community with their design.  During that time Michael and Lori kept pushing themselves to evolve the business and create something innovative and inspiring that reached beyond their community.  

After three years of managing creative projects at their storefront they decided to expand there reach and perform more design tasks for the corporate and commercial world.  

" We want to be an organization companies can lean on for creative consultation and development for advertising and branding needs."  - Michael Cook

 The two are very happy juggling as many creative projects as possible and helping organizations reach their creative potential.  Lori Monaco helps the studio and the creative process with her expertise in organizational leadership, making the team a dynamic pair that can elevate any creative project. 

"We manage the productions of talent from street artists, videographers, and animators.. We want to help companies make their creative projects an easy and efficient process."  - Lori Monaco

If you want to create mural installations for your office or you need help with any other creative designs,  The Street Art Loft is ready to help.