Animation Services 


If you are looking to elevate your brands marketing campaign or  website and social media, our talent is here and ready to help by creating animation productions.  We work with very fun creative processes that help our clients stay involved to get the best product possible.


The Creative Process 

Step 1.  Ideation (Sketches and Storyboards)

Step 2. Develop Graphic Assets for the Animation Sequence

Step 3.  Iteration (Test and Make Revisions)

Step 4. Final Review and Implementation (Hand Over Final Cut) 



Projects Starting at only $650

Animation Consultation

Start conceptualizing your animation project today and one of our representatives will call you within 24 hours to set up your appointment.

This consultation fee will be added to your final project cost. 

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Lettering Animations


Hand lettering is such an expressive form of communication.  It will elevate any video that a brand develops.  Lettering Animation is a specific art form and our designer is incredible, fast, and efficient.  When you want to elevate your video productions, your brands social content, or maybe even your website, lettering animation is a great way to do that.  

Check out the fun alphabet project down below. 




Create Giffs


GIFs are the newest form of communication. They loop. They're fun. They automatically play (without music... there's nothing worse than autoplaying music on a website!).

If you have a concept feel free to set up a consolation and we will lay out a delivery and design process that best suits your business needs. 


Tell Your Story

When you have a video explaining your company or product, visitors stay on that page much longer. The power of having a video on your web site is undeniable.

Our designer will help you develop your concept from a storyboard idea all the way through the iterations and implementation.  No matter what phase of the project you are in, we are ready and capable to jump in. 



Creative Animations from A to Z