Animation Services 

Projects Starting at only $650 dollars


Lettering Animations


Hand lettering is such an expressive form of communication and I love giving it an extra infusion of life with motion.

If you love lettering and you love animation, this is the place for you. I am excited to learn more, share more, and connect with you.



Create Giffs


GIFs are the newest form of communication. They loop. They're fun. They automatically play (without music... there's nothing worse than autoplaying music on a website!).

These are great for social campaigns or your website (like all the looping GIFs on this page).


Tell Your Story

When you have a video explaining your company or product, visitors stay on that page a shit ton longer. The power of having a video on your web site is undeniable. Do your web visitors know what you are all about when they hit your home page?

I can work with you at any stage of the process. You could be at the "I have no idea where to start" stage... or maybe you have a script, a storyboard and designs already. I want to help you tell your story.



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